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What is "Grow With Me" Baby Clothing?

What is "Grow With Me" Baby Clothing?


What if it was possible to purchase high quality clothing that would last your little one months or even YEARS at a time? Well, with the Grow With Me Collection by Kids Stuff, that dream is now a reality! But what really is “Grow With Me” baby clothing and how can it actually last your rapidly growing baby from babyhood right into childhood? Let’s take a look.

What is the “Grow With Me” Collection?

Handmade in Montreal with eco-fabrics, Kids Stuff’s Grow With Me collection is ultra soft and super stretchable. Besides the obvious appeal of clothing that is sustainable and long-lasting, parents will find that this modern clothing line has plenty of other appealing factors. The Kids Stuff Grow With Me collection advocates gender equality with the use of unisex, neutral colours, and uses environmentally friendly fibers. Plus, this beautiful clothing line helps support a local business, whose products are handmade right here in Canada.

Kids Stuff explains the values and ethics they strive to promote by way of their clothing on their website:

“The modern, urban and timeless styles, the values ​​advocating gender equality and the use of environmentally friendly fibers will appeal to the new generation of parents who want to instill values ​​of ecology, sustainability and equality to their children.”

How Does the Collection Work?

Cheeky Bambino currently carries the Grow With Me Overalls, the Grow With Me Pants, and the Grow With Me Long-Sleeved Shirt.

Depending on the item, the Grow With Me Collection allows you to simply adjust by folding or unfolding the legs, waist, arms, or shoulder straps to adjust according to the growth of your little ones. The ample cut of the overalls and pants allows for comfort in the movements, and is perfect support for washable diapers and babywearing.

The Grow With Me Shirt is also multi-purpose, with the ability to start off as a dress or tunic and adjust with your little one into a shirt. The absence of sewing at the armhole also allows for comfort at the shoulders during growth, which is absent with clothing that is not meant to stretch and grow with your child.

The Grow With Me Collection comes in a range of rich and gorgeous neutrals of taupe, dark grey, black, and rose brown.

Is This Collection a “One Size Fits All?”

The Grow With Me Collection is not a one size fits all, but rather comes in 4-5 size ranges, depending on the item. For example, the Grow With Me Overalls comes in sizes: 0-6 months, 6-18 months, 18 months-4 years and 4-6 years. These sizes ranges still allow for you to get a significant period of time out of this high quality clothing, while still ensuring that the clothing adequately fits your growing child. 

The Grow With Me Shirt only comes in 3 sizes, with the middle size being 18 months-4 years. This is due to the shirt’s ability to transform from a dress or a tunic to a shirt as your child grows.

Where Can I Find Grow With Me Baby Clothing?

You can find this exciting collection in store and online at! Cheeky Bambino Cheeky Bambino offers worldwide shipping, as well as free shipping for purchases over $50.00 within Canada. 

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