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Top Tips for Dressing Baby For Spring!

Top Tips for Dressing Baby For Spring!


With each season comes a fresh new fashion change for not only us moms, but for baby as well (and let’s face it, we find the change in baby clothes much more exciting!). And now that spring has officially sprung, you may find yourself wondering what baby should be wearing when temperatures are continuously falling and rising? In this article, we take a look at our top fashion tips for dressing for your little one, when the weather can be as unpredictable as they are. 

We Love Layers

Layers are absolutely key for this time of year, when winter coats are starting to be shed for good (or at least until next winter). For spring layering, we recommend coming prepared for all types of weather, down to a short-sleeved onesie. This way, you can layer as needed with a pair of pants and thin long-sleeved shirt overtop, as well as a light hoodie, cardigan or sweatshirt. A nautical or outdoor themed crewneck is perfect for this time of year, as we get ready to spend a lot more time outdoors in the summer months. We love the Noppies Outdoor Adventure Sweatshirt in Oatmeal!


Cap It Off With a Light Cotton Hat

Do you have a newborn to three month old? You’re going to want to start your collection of cotton hats. While cotton hats and bonnets may seem like they’re just for show, they are an ideal accessory for keeping baby warm, but not too warm. This is because newborns lose large amounts of heat from the head, as the result of its high skin surface area. Insulating the head with a cotton cap such as the Nodo Knot Hat by the OVer Company can be a simple and effective method of reducing dry heat loss. We’re obsessed with the bright and sunny lemon pattern of the Sonny hat!


Keep Those Little Toes Warm

While chilly hands and feet are not exactly the best indicator of your baby’s overall body temperature, it’s still important to keep them as warm as the rest of their body. Heat can still escape quickly through the hands and feet, and your baby is too cold if you also see mottling of their extremities. Not only is this a good time to add an extra layer of clothing, but is also the perfect excuse to invest in some adorable baby moccasins. The Gray Cozy Boot by Little Love Bug Company has a waterproof, soft sole, which is lined in order to keep those little toes nice and warm! Plus, they are durably made for the rough and tumble new walkers.


We’re Down With Baby Denim

Can you think of anything cuter than a baby in a tiny pair of jeans? We’ll wait. Not only has babies wearing jeans always been a trend, but denim shirts, sweatshirts, and shorts are making a big splash in baby fashion. If you haven’t already tried denim on your baby, then spring is the perfect time to do so! We love this adorable denim shirt by Noppies Baby, as well as these medium wash denim pull on jeans that are complete with bow.



Colour, Colour and More Colour!

Spring is a great time to experiment with colours and patterns, for both you and your baby! While neutrals have been a long standing favourite for us, we are seeing plenty of bright colours for both boys and girls this season, and we are absolutely here for it! Deux Par Deux kids is creating fantastically bright Tahiti prints for both babies and toddlers, while both Me & Henry and its sister company Vignette Girls is offering bright, vintage style options! We love the Vignette Cammie Bubble Romper in Red Floral!



We’re Ready for Spring at Cheeky Bambino!

We are absolutely loving the collections that Deux Par Deux, Me & Henry, Vignette Girls, Noppies and more have come out with for these warmer months! We carry only the most high-quality children’s clothing that is as cheeky and fun as the ones who wear it! Cheeky Bambino sells organic, quality and local brands, with a focus on sustainability. Our pieces will stand the test of time (and many washes!). We love brands that will grow with your little one and are multi-use. Have a look at our home page for our new arrivals here!

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