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Brand Feature: Tiny Human Supply Co.

Brand Feature: Tiny Human Supply Co.


Meet Tiny Human Supply Co. - a growing line of gentle, plant-based baby care products that feed hungry children around the world. Yep, you heard us right! Every product that Tiny Human sells feeds a hungry child one meal, domestically and around the world. Based in Boise, ID (with manufacturing in Oregon and Wyoming) Tiny Human Supply Co. is a US-based company that was conceived by two parents, late one night over a few drinks (sound familiar?). Fast forward to 2020 and they’re out to improve the lives of millions of children around the world.

Tiny Human Supply Co. tells us more about their mission:
"Established in 2018, we’re a fast growing line of baby care products made for a new generation of tiny humans. We're on a mission to do better…better for baby, better for mom, better for the world."

Tiny Human Supply Co. is truly on a mission to do better - better for baby, better for mom and better for the world. Their premium skincare is made with plant-based ingredients, high organic content and never contains anything questionable. No artificial fragrances, dyes, parabens, phthalates or sulfates.

Hot Mess Shampoo and Baby Wash 8oz

This gentle all-in-one wash comes in three incredible combinations, with no artificial fragrances, sulfates, phthalates, parabens, or dyes! 

Lavender & Chamomile: 80% organic content, vegan and lightly scented with calming Lavender and comforting chamomile. 

Milk & Honey: Enriched with Honey and Oatstraw, it's an extremely mild combination that is perfect for all skin types! 

Unscented: 74% organic content and's super simple, unscented and perfect for a daily bath-time routine!


Hot Mess Lavender & Chamomile Baby Wash & Shampoo 8oz, $10.95,

NEW FORMULA: Pain In The Butt MAX Diaper Rash Cream

Loaded with 40% Zinc Oxide and plant-based ingredients like Aloe and Tea Tree, the Pain in the Butt MAX Diaper Rash cream immediately heals, soothes and protects against painful diaper rash. 
This amazing diaper rash cream contains 40% Zinc Oxide for maximum skin protection and treatment of diaper dermatitis, is cruelty free, suitable for all ages, contains no foul odors and is made in the USA


Pain in the Butt Diaper Rash Cream 3oz, $8.95,

B-Day Suit Eczema Therapy Cream

Formulated for babies, but loved by the whole family, B-Day Suit is a creamy, ultra-lightweight lotion that packs a major punch. It’s quick-absorbing, non-greasy and is made with natural ingredients. This powerhouse baby cream gets to work immediately treating the itchiness, inflammation, irritation, dryness and discomfort associated with sensitive, Eczema-prone skin. It’s free from steroids, fragrances, dyes, petrolatum, parabens and phthalates and also works wonders on insect bites and minor rashes!


B-Day Suit Eczema Therapy Cream 3oz, $10.95,

Diaper Duty Diaper Area Wash

The Diaper Duty Diaper Area Wash is 92% organic and enriched with Aloe, Oatstraw and Tea Tree. It contains a light, natural scent of Orange Blossom and Aloe, which neutralize foul odors. Since it’s made with gentle, non-irritating, plant-based ingredients, it can be used with every diaper change to eliminate harmful bacteria that cause rashes. This product is great for parents who want a natural alternative to wipes!


Diaper Duty Diaper Area Wash 4oz, $8.95,

NEW! Comb Over Detangling Hair Conditioner

We all know that hair combing does not go over well when you forget to use the detangling conditioner! Perfect for babies, toddlers and “big kids” too, this gentle conditioner will leave hair smooth, silky and easy to comb. Great for all hair types, the Comb Over Detangling Hair Conditioner leaves hair hydrated, shiny and detangled, with an ultra-light sweet almond scent.


Comb Over Detangling Conditioner 8oz, $11.95,

Busy Body Baby Lotion 8oz

The Busy Body Baby Lotion rubs in quickly, is pH balanced to keep the skin in optimal condition and comes in three amazing options for all skin types! 

Unscented: Made with 80% organic content, Vegan, Gluten Free & Tree Nut Oil Free. 

Milk & Honey: Made with 83% organic content and perfect for all skin types. 

Lavender & Chamomile: Made with 80% organic content, this lightly scented lotion smells like heaven and is Gluten Free & Tree Nut Oil Free.


Busy Body Baby Lotion, $10.95,

Find this entire collection of organic, cruelty-free products in-store or online at!

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