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5 Easy and Engaging Activities for Babies 0 to 6 Months

5 Easy and Engaging Activities for Babies 0 to 6 Months


Let’s face it - the first few months of your baby’s life are mainly sleeping, feeding and changing their diaper. However, the first six months of your baby’s life are also some of the most exciting that you’ll ever experience. Not only are you and your baby discovering each other after nine long months in the womb, but your baby is developing at an incredible pace. This not only applies to physical growth, but social, emotional and cognitive growth as well. While you may not think there’s much of a point in engaging your baby in activities at this early stage, this couldn’t be farther from the truth! In this article, we take a look at five easy and engaging activities for babies 0 to 6 months to help them on their way to greatness (or at least keep them entertained for the time being).


It’s true that your baby can’t yet talk (at least, in a way that you can understand!). However, that doesn’t mean that talking to your baby isn’t highly beneficial to their development. A baby who is consistently spoken to by their parents is more likely to be able to pick up verbal cues early on, as well as learning appropriate tone and voice levels. Your baby will store this information in their brain, which will become apparent as early as when they start babbling. And when they do begin babbling, talk back to them! This is important in helping your baby to understand that conversing means taking turns.

Playing Music 

Music affects a young child’s brain in more areas than you may think, starting from when they’re just a baby. In fact, research has shown that babies as young as 3 months can recognize classical music selections they have heard before and that the complexity of classical music primes the brain to solve spatial problems more quickly. Singing is also a great way to help your baby explore emotions and vocal ranges. By singing to your baby, you can teach them to find comfort in softer, slower songs and excitement in more bouncy, upbeat melodies.

Grasping Games

While most babies begin to reach for and grasp objects between 4 and 6 months, some may do so as early as 2 months. Babies are naturally curious, as they begin to discover the world around them with their hands (and often their mouth!). Let your baby experiment with different textures, colours and sizes by allowing them to grasp different objects - nothing that’s small enough to choke on, of course. Your baby will begin to enjoy toys that include different shapes, such as the Hayes Silicone + Wood Teether Ring. While this toy is technically a teething ring, it also doubles as a rattle, making the most calming sound to entertain and soothe your little babe.

Tummy Time


Did you know that even newborns can benefit from tummy time? In fact, tummy time is important throughout your child’s entire first year of life. Not only can practicing this activity for just a few minutes a day allow your baby to explore their new world from a different perspective, but tummy time is beneficial in:

  • Developing the core muscles of the neck, back, and shoulder muscles
  • Meeting developmental milestones
  • To potentially help prevent early motor delays and conditions such as flat head syndrome and twisted neck

Baby Massage

Skin-to-skin touch between parent and baby is huge for their emotional development. This is why a daily baby massage is one of the best activities you can do with your baby early on. Not only does baby massage encourage interaction between you and your baby, but it can help your baby sleep, positively affect infant hormones that control stress and also reduce crying. Looking for tips on how to massage your newborn baby? Check out this article from the Mayo Clinic! 

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