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10 Cute Toddler and Kids Christmas Outfits to Celebrate in Style

10 Cute Toddler and Kids Christmas Outfits to Celebrate in Style


These festive dresses, jackets, PJs and more will put everybody in a jolly mood.

’Tis the season for lots of shopping, and this also means dressing your little one up in something special this holiday. We've gathered some of the cutest and dare we say snazziest inspiration for your toddler or child's holiday 'fit this year, which can all be purchased on (as well as in store!). Whether you're shopping for the perfect velvet holiday dress or blazer, or looking for the coziest PJs for Christmas morning, we've got you covered with our list of 10 Cute Toddler and Kids Christmas Outfits to Celebrate in Style! So even if you're just spending the holidays chilling at home, your kids will still look stylish and adorable for their Christmas photos. 

Little Girls Festive Holiday Outfits

Buy it: The Charlotte Rose Dress, $54.99,

Is there anything cuter than a little holiday dress? We've given you some sweet and stylish options for your little one's holiday outfits, that can easily be switched up from holiday photos, to Christmas day, to New Years!

The Vignette Fall/Winter 2020 Collection

Magpie & Mabel's Vignette Fall & Winter 2020 Collection is handcrafted in the USA, and is perfect for little ones who want to stand out from the crowd this holiday season. Formerly known as Moxie & Mabel, this girls boutique clothing brand is impeccably made and provides whimsical designs that both you and your little one are sure to love. Magpie and Mabel dresses are made using premium, high-quality fabrics and are inspired by vintage trends.

The Justine Dress

Wine Velvet Dress, Available in Sizes 2-6
Buy it: The Justine Dress, $54,

The Charlotte Rose Dress

Rose Pink Velvet Dress, Available in Sizes: 2-6 
Buy it: The Charlotte Dress, $54.99,

The Mae Vest

Cream Fuzzy Vest With Pom Pom Closure, Sizes: 2-5
Buy it: The Mae Vest, $36.99,

Little Boys Festive Holiday Outfits

If you're looking for a fancy outfit for your toddler or child this holiday season, look no further! We have some super stylish and fun options that are also super high quality, ensuring that they will definitely last for more than one season (if your little one can still fit into them, of course!). 

Buy it: Red Woven Shirt, $36,

The Me & Henry Winter Collection

Me & Henry is a British boys clothing line, which caters to little ones from chaps 0-16 years. This dashing collection is inspired by a bygone era where little men dressed to impress!

Black Velvet Blazer

Black Velvet Blazer, Available in Sizes: 12-18 months to 4-5 years
Buy it: Black Velvet Jacket, $56,

Rust Plaid Shirt

Rust and White Checkered Plaid Shirt, Available in Sizes: 2-3 to 5-6
Buy it: Rust Plaid Shirt, $36,

Black Jersey Pants

Black Jersey Jogger-Feel Pants, Available in Sizes: 0-3 Months to 4-5 Years
Buy it: Black Jersey Pants, $34,

Cute & Comfortable Holiday PJs

What would a Holiday Collection be without a selection of cozy Christmas PJs? We've collected a list of soft, comfortable, and super high quality pyjama sets for your little one, that they're virtually never going to want to take off.

Lola & Taylor Holiday Collection

These limited edition kids pyjama sets are sure to be a hit with the whole family! With added stretch to the fabrics to ensure these cozy pajamas are not only stylish but super comfortable too. They stand the test of time and will look just as incredible after 20 washes as they did the first time you tried them on! These PJs also come in infant rompers and a limited amount of adult sizes, making for a great gift for your loved ones or an awesome option for Family Portraits!

Fair Isle Fawn Kids Pyjama Set

Grey, Red and White Festive PJ Set, Available in Sizes: 2T-6
Buy it: Fair Isle Fawn Kids Pyjama Set, $39.99,

Country Moose Kids Pyjama Set

Grey, White & Black Pyjama Set With Moose Decal and Plaid Pants, Available in Sizes: 2T-10
Buy it: Country Moose Kids Pyjama Set, $39.99,

Winter Wonderland Kids Pyjamas

Black, Grey & Red Snowflake Pyjama Set, Available in Sizes: 2T-6
Buy it: Winter Wonderland Kids Pyjamas, $39.99,


Looking for a little something extra to pull together your toddler or kid's holiday outfit? What better option than an adorable comb over or slicked back 'do?

Comb Over Detangling Hair Conditioner 

Hair combing does not go over well when you forget to use the detangling conditioner! Perfect for babies, toddlers and “big kids” too, this gentle conditioner will leave hair smooth, silky and easy to comb! Great for all hair types, it leaves hair hydrated, shiny and detangled. Plus, it has an ultra-light sweet almond scent and is 100% vegan.

Vegan Sweet Almond Scented Detangling Conditioner, 8 oz
Buy it: Comb Over Detangling Conditioner, $11.95,

Check out the rest of our Holiday Collection and dozens more gift ideas for baby, child, and toddler at!

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